When the new P.E.T.S. building was purchased in Wichita Falls we quickly learned several wild animals were on the property. This was their habitat. We loved learning we have foxes, a feral cat colony, rats, birds, skunks, raccoons, and an owl; all claiming this land as their home. Habitat loss is occurring at an alarming rate. As P.E.T.S. is a compassionate, humane organization, we will do everything within our power to co-habitat with the animals that were here before us.

Thanks to a generous grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, $96,000 worth of solar panels will be installed over the roof on the south side of the new clinic building. This will cover over 50% of yearly electricity usage by solar power along. Thanks to Sun Club, the Wichita Falls P.E.T.S. Clinic will have a sustainable source of energy for generations to come, you can learn more on our Sun Club page.

The sustainability projects all around the new P.E.T.S. Building have been named for our fearless founder and CEO Leslie Harrelson. Her commitment to ensuring that all of the dogs and cats in her area and in other parts of Texas are given a shot at a life and love with a family inspires our organization daily.

A drinking pond with a solar panel fountain and a stepping stone escape route is available for a constant, clean water source.

Bird Feeders are up and we fill them twice a day.

A kitty condo is in place for our feral cats. They are fed twice a day but the skunks and raccoons are pretty sure the food is for them.

Wildflowers bloom and will be left to bloom so the bees and butterflies can enjoy the nectar and pollinate. A Texas Sage and two different varieties of honeysuckle have been planted to attract nocturnal insects for the bats. A 3,500 gallon rain tank will sustain all necessary watering.

Two bat houses have been donated and we hope to attract bats over the next two years.

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