Veterinarian Externships Through AVMA Accredited Schools, ECFVG, and the PAVE Program

"I absolutely loved my time at PETS. It has been the most hands-on externship I have had all of 4th year. From the day I got to PETS to the day I left I always felt welcomed. All the doctors I worked with were very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help educate. The staff was amazing and I never felt like I was in the way. I would recommend this externship to any of my friends."
Cole Burchett
OSU, Class of 2022

PETS Clinic is proud to host 4th year AVMA accredited veterinary school students, ECFVG, and PAVE program students for externships. We provide free housing/lodging, a food allowance, & transportation to and from the clinic if needed. A travel stipend may be available for those traveling long distances from within the U.S.

Program Purpose/Student Experience

Our goal at PETS Clinic is to introduce Veterinary externship students to high-volume spay/neuter and small animal veterinary medicine. We are a one-of-a-kind clinic, combining animal welfare with full service veterinary medicine. Students will gain hands-on experience in spay/neuter surgeries enabling them to safely and efficiently perform large numbers. Students will also get experience in many general surgeries, dentals, diagnostics, emergencies, and orthopedics. We are an incredibly busy clinic. We perform around 175 spay/neuters weekly and see approximately 80 pets each day for general wellness, injury, and illness. We also offer 24/7 Emergency care. Our veterinarians enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge. Veterinary externships will find multiple mentors at PETS Clinic.


Our team is comprised of 6 veterinarians supported by 15 veterinary technicians. We have 5 exam rooms and 2 fully equipped surgical suites containing a total of 6 surgical tables, a fully stocked pharmacy, isolation room, hospital room, and separate treatment/prep areas. We have overnight technicians to care for hospitalized pets and do accept emergencies 24/7. We have a newly renovated clinic with brand new equipment including:

          Digital radiography

          Cutting Laser

          Cold Laser

          Electrosurgery Unit

          Dental Machine

          Idexx Diagnostic Machines

          PRP Machine (plasma rich protein)

          Oxygen cages


Extern Responsibilities

Externs will be responsible for exams, diagnostics (cytology, hematology, chemistry, & radiography), surgeries, dentals (extractions and cleaning), and emergency medicine under the supervision of our veterinary staff. Our clinic is open Mon-Friday 8:30am- 5pm. Externs will be expected to arrive at 7:30 their first day and no later than 8:15 subsequent days. Externs will work with our support staff to include themselves in after hour emergencies. These can be accomplished after 5 pm or on the weekend. Externs will be finished by 5pm on weekdays and not scheduled on weekends unless participating in emergencies. Lunch breaks are allotted but depend on the day’s schedule.


We offer veterinary externiships with housing provided. If pet-friendly accommodations are required, please let us know. A car and travel expenses are provided to students that must travel a significant distance and cannot drive to our clinic.  A small stipend is awarded for food/etc.

General Information

Veterinary externships typically last 2 weeks but we are flexible. We usually host only 1 extern at a time but would consider more if candidates are traveling together. We have limited externships available and have registered with most U.S. veterinary schools. If we are not on your school’s list, just email us at

How to Request an Externship

  • 4th year AVMA accredited Veterinary School Students & PAVE Program Students currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited University

Please send a brief resume explaining the student’s interest in an externship at PETS Clinic for your foreign veterinary graduates clinical year program and a range of potential dates the student is available to complete the externship to

  • ECFVG Certification Students

 Please send a brief resume explaining the student’s interest in an externship at PETS Clinic, a range of potential dates the student is available to complete the veterinary externship resume, and proof of completion of the BCSE to

  • PAVE Program students not currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited University-

Please send a brief resume explaining the student’s interest in an externship at PETS Clinic, a range of potential dates the student is available to complete the veterinary externship, proof of completion of the QSE, and acceptance letter to an AVMA accredited university to

H1-B visa sponsorship available. Green card sponsorship available. Employment Opportunities Available. Highly Competitive Pay, Health Insurance, IRA, Paid CE, licensure, and membership.

International Veterinarians have 2 options for obtaining licensure in the US.

For Information on ECFGV (Education Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) click here.

A brief summary of steps necessary for ECFGV certification follow.

  1. Must be a graduate of or in final year at AVMA ECFVG University.
  2. Pass an English Language Assessment
  3. Pass the BCSE (Basic and Clinical Science Exam)
  4. Pass CPE (Clinical Proficiency Exam)

For Information on PAVE Program (Program for Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence) click here.

A brief summary of the PAVE program follows:

  1. English Proficiency Exam
  2. Pass QSE (Qualified Science Exam)
  3. Evaluated Clinical Experience at an AVMA accredited University (LSU, OSU, & MU)

Keep in mind U.S. Veterinary Licensure will also require completion of NAVLE and individual State Boards

More Testimonials:

"Going to PETS as an extern is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. PETS provides a lot of hands-on opportunities and the doctors were willing to teach and discuss cases with me. What’s more, people here are extremely friendly, technicians are well-trained and helpful. From the first day till the last day here I felt welcomed. I really had a great time while learning a lot here. I highly recommend PETS to those who are looking for an externship that is educational and cheerful. "
Yi Qing Lin (Ariel)
OSU, Pave Program 2023
"I really enjoyed my time during the whole externship program. All doctors and technicians here in PETS are extremely nice and friendly, even though I have a language barrier. They are always willing to help when I have questions. And, they answer all sorts of questions patiently, which creates a positive learning environment. The most important thing is that I gained a lot of invaluable hands-on experience at PETS. Honestly, this is the best externship I had throughout my veterinary career. I would love to recommend and introduce the externship program provided by PETS to every veterinarian and vet student."
Shu-Cheng Kuo (Jenson)
OSU, Pave Program 2023
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