Why Support P.E.T.S.?

P.E.T.S. is a local animal welfare organization and a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our name stands for “Preventing Euthanasia Through Sterilization”. Even though P.E.T.S. is expanding into new cities, we continue to call ourselves local because your donations will go towards serving the dogs and cats in your area.

We promise to keep it brief as we explain everything we do if you promise to keep reading!

How Low Cost Spays and Neuters Reduce Euthanasia

P.E.T.S. provides low cost spays and neuters to the general public. As funds allow, we cover some or all the spay and neuter costs for those on government assistance and those facing hardship. Spays and Neuters reduce the number of local litters born, which reduces overpopulation and prevents the euthanasia of dogs and cats. Your donations ensure that anyone with a dog or cat needing a spay or neuter gets one.

How Access to Vaccinations Reduce Euthanasia

Vaccinations keep our pets healthy. If we are going to have a healthy community that prevents the spread of preventable diseases among our own dogs and cats and those that get loose, remain strays, or end up with animal control, we need to make sure that every dog and cat stays vaccinated. Your donations work to subsidize the cost of vaccinations making them accessible to everyone and available when cost is the only barrier a client is facing.

How Access to Preventatives Reduce Euthanasia

Preventatives for heartworm disease and fleas and ticks also help control the spread of contagious diseases among our dogs and cats. Providing these services without the need for a wellness exam nearly at cost during normal clinic hours and for free at events like our “P.E.T.S. Fests,” helps control preventable disease and reduces the costs of keeping pets healthy. This keeps dogs and cats in loving homes. Your donations and your use of our clinic for your preventative needs work to ensure pets have access to everything we offer.

How Clinic Services Reduce Euthanasia

Our services and programs are designed with one thought straight from our mission which is to make sure every dog and cat “has access to and can remain in a loving home.”

Many times, families bring their beloved pets to local shelters because they cannot afford to care for a sick pet. Dogs and cats that are properly vaccinated with access to heartworm and flea and tick preventative medication are far more likely to stay healthy. Healthy dogs and cats are far more likely to stay with the families that love them. This results in fewer pets relinquished to shelters and rescues and thereby fewer dogs and cats euthanized.

Because your donations help us provide service when cost is a barrier and keep our costs low, you are making the difference for local dogs and cats.

How P.E.T.S. Programs Reduce Euthanasia

As P.E.T.S. expands into new cities in North Texas our programs will adapt in each new location to serve the demands of the local dogs and cats. Examples of our programs in Wichita Falls include:

P.E.T.S. Panty assists in feeding over 500 dogs and cats each month. Because these pet owners can feed their pets, the dogs and cats are healthier and can stay with their families.

P.E.T.S. Habitat provides shelters for dogs and cats to help keep them healthy during extreme temperatures.

P.E.T.S. Chain-Off builds fences for dogs living on tethers. It is against the law in Wichita Falls to have an unsupervised dog tethered. Building a fence for a family that cannot afford one means more dogs staying with families and out of shelters.

Each of our programs, like our services, are created with one thought in mind, making sure every dog and cat “has access to and can remain in a loving home.” Along with providing low cost, high quality spays and neuters and clinic services, our programs are designed to reduce the number of dogs and cats in local shelters and therefore the number of dogs and cats euthanized.

These and all of our programs simply would not exist without our wonderful donors.

How Our Paid Staff and Volunteers Reduce Euthanasia

At P.E.T.S., our administrators, vets, and staff all care deeply for companion animals. The care we have for all dogs and cats translates into the extremely detail oriented work we perform. In addition, we understand that our role is not to “educate” pet owners. Instead, we provide the information needed to make the best choices for pet owners when they want it as our relationship grows. Additionally, our role is not to judge pet owners on the level of care they provided in the past. The minute a pet owner walks through our doors, we know they cared enough to get their pet to us and that says everything we need to know.

We feel that encouraging this clinic environment for all pet owners while delivering the best care available with the services provided through skilled vets and vet techs, keeps customers coming back to ensure their pets are healthy. We also feel it increases the chances for those who may not have considered spaying and neutering before to consider it as we come from a place of concern and love.

While our overhead is covered by our services and not donations, without donations we would not be able to provide services and programs to the same number of clients.

How You Can Help Reduce Euthanasia

Please consider donating, volunteering, or letting us know other ways you can help our wonderful companion animals avoid euthanasia and the lives they are forced to live without a family due to overpopulation.

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