Volunteer at P.E.T.S.

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding jobs at P.E.T.S. It is all due to the dedication of our incredible and committed volunteers that we are able to help so many dogs and cats in our community. When using a button above to volunteer you will be taken to a form to submit to your local clinic to volunteer, please watch for an email reply from us.

If you are looking to volunteer in any of our clinics, there are any number of ways with volunteer duties ranging from checking patients in and out, sterilizing equipment, to monitoring animals as they wake from surgery.

If you only have weekend hours you can volunteer with one of our programs. If you need to stay at home but love dogs and are looking to help, you can volunteer to foster with our programs or local rescues and shelters! At our clinics, we always need supplies prepared, laundry done, stories written down with pictures taken for social media, and dogs walked, too. No matter what your talent we have a job for you!

Volunteers must be 16 yrs of age and believe in our mission. Personal pets must be fixed.

We have no set time frames for our volunteer recruitment. You can volunteer all day or half days. We are open Monday through Thursdays in Amarillo and Lubbock, and Monday through Friday in Wichita Falls. We also have volunteer opportunities at one Saturday Clinic per month at each clinic. If you are not available during the week we still want you. There are plenty of ways you can volunteer in Wichita Falls, Graham, Amarillo, or Lubbock with the P.E.T.S. Clinic!

P.E.T.S. needs people to help arrange media, attend events, speak at schools and civic groups. We could use a graphic artist to help us design creative flyers and brochures. Do you love to write? Maybe you would like to help with our newsletter, website, grants, or social media. If you have free time and want to help us help animals, come join our team!

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