The P.E.T.S. Staff works tirelessly to implement the P.E.T.S. Mission in every task they take on. Customer service means making sure you love your visit. It also means making sure your pets are cared for like family. When it comes to your furry family members, our staff would probably take each one home if you’d let them.

Executive Director

Dacia Anderson

Executive Director

My name is Dacia Anderson. I have a wonderful, semi-tolerant husband, Chris Miller and a variety of 2 and 4 legged children. I grew up in this area and have always been what my sister calls “an animal person.” I worked for Tails Inn, Classy Canine, and Animal Medical Center for 5 years. I would like to think I’m the best bather and shop vac operator that groomer has ever seen!

I put myself through college by pet-sitting and opened Pup-Purr-E Pet Boutique with my mother. It wasn’t so much work as it was fun. 

I graduated from WTAMU with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and went on to get my teaching certification. I took a relatively short hiatus from working with animals and taught High School Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and most recently 7th Grade Texas History (which is just as chaotic, but less poop).

When I decided to take some time off to stay home with my young daughter, I really got involved with animal welfare and the city shelter. Our family started fostering in 2016 (officially, haha), and we haven’t stopped since.

I joined the Amarillo Shelter Friends Team last year. I go to the shelter once a week and photograph dogs for exposure for reclaims, adoptions, and rescues. I am no stranger to City Council Meetings and have voiced the need for public low cost spay and neuter for years. I am also a volunteer deputy registrar in Potter and Randall County as I believe strongly about voting. By combining my love for veterinary medicine and our community, I excited to embark on the most humbling and exciting adventure thus far. 

Clinic Manager

Angie Shafer

Clinic Manager

I grew up in the country outside of Pampa about an hour away from Amarillo.  My grandmothers love for animals was passed down to me. We always had pets growing up.  I left Pampa for WTAMU in Canyon where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education.  I made Canyon my home.  I taught third grade for four years and then stayed home to raise my two boys.  I worked as a part time preschool teacher until this year when this amazing opportunity presented itself.


Dr. Natalie Harrison


I was born & raised in Amarillo. I graduated from Texas A&M in 2003. I worked at Animal Medical Center from 2003 – 2019 and the Small Animal Emergency Clinic from 2007-2012.

My hobbies include cooking, gardening, traveling with my better half (Jason Harrison), concerts (especially the Dave Matthews Band),  & a little candle business Fen Wicks.  I call it my hobby job and donates 10% of all sales to local pet rescue organizations.

We have four dogs:  Fen (a little maltese/terrier mix & he is the face of Fen Wicks), Kit (a little terrier mix), Juno & Linus (both Boxers).  All four adopted from local rescue organizations.

I was inspired to join PETS after I visited the Wichita Falls clinic and witnessed the happy passion all of the employees/volunteers have for people and their pets.  It reminded me of why I wanted to become a vet in the first place.  I wrote in my application to vet school “I want to help people by helping their PETS”  I truly believe this will have  a huge positive impact on Amarillo and surrounding communities and am thankful for this opportunity.


Haley Flick

I am from a small town outside of Houston, and was always surrounded by animals growing up. When I moved to Amarillo nearly three years ago, I got involved in animal rescue by volunteering, fostering and eventually working for a local non-profit rescue. I have five cats of my own, and love them with all my heart.


Renae Josselet

I graduated from Midwestern State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.  I was a part of the MSU Lady Indian basketball team while pursuing my degree.  Always an Indian, never a Mustang!  I have been a clinical Dental Hygienist for 22 years.  I come to P.E.T.S. excited about a new career opportunity and hoping to integrate my passion for dental health into the well-being of animals.  I am co-mom to two wonderful furbabies, Maisy and Kylo Ren.  I enjoy spending time with my two step-sons and my two nieces. 


Hannah Manning

My name is Hannah. I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician, mother to an 8 month old, and wife to a grown up kid. I am originally from VA and moved to Texas after my husband retired from the Marine Corps. We spent a few years around Dallas for school and moved to Amarillo in the beginning of 2018 to be close to family. After spending 4 years in the Marine Corps working on computers, I knew I wanted nothing to do with them anymore, so I decided to pursue a career as a veterinary technician.

I love all animals, but horses and rabbits scare me to death. Although most of my days are filled with caring for and playing with my son, I enjoy hiking at Palo Duro Canyon and going to the gym during my spare time.


Rejoice Olivarez

I’m a mother of 2, a native of the Texas panhandle, and a foster parent for the humane society. I believe compassion, understanding, and empathy go a long ways and I practice it daily. I love my children, animals, and helping others. I’m an artist on the side and enjoy being surrounded by nature; it’s where I feel most at home.


Allyson Wieck

My name’s Allyson I have a strong love for all fur babies and a passion to keep all pet parents happy. I believe the PETS clinic is going to do amazing things with helping all the animals in our community from spay/ neuter to getting all their shots. I’m so blessed to be apart of a job that’s going to help save a lot of fur babies lives.

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