Support P.E.T.S.

With the help of our supporters, the P.E.T.S. nonprofit organization works to lower rates of euthanasia (dogs and cats put to sleep in local shelters due to lack of space) and to lower intake (number of dogs and cats taken in by local rescues and shelters) in the communities and areas we serve. We accomplish this through a holistic approach of clinic services and programs.

 P.E.T.S. does not receive funding from federal, state, or local government. Our funding is completely dependent on individual donations, local foundation support, and grants. We are also funded by clinic services which is why we say every dollar you spend at P.E.T.S. Clinic goes right back into helping dogs and cats in our communities. Individual donors and local foundations ensure the survival of nonprofit. Without your support, our work would be limited. It because of you we are able to offer so many programs and services. Finally, we are also “funded” by the incredible work of our community of awesome volunteers. But the support doesn’t stop there.

Local businesses are an important part of our support system. Through efforts created by donating portion of pay, providing groups of volunteers, fundraising days at local service based businesses, and an varied array of other types of support, local businesses and corporate sponsors are crucial to our work. We always make an effort to shout from the mountaintops in thanks anytime a we receive local business and corporate support.

Those who live a life passionate about animals and working to make sure others understand society’s role in giving a voice to the voiceless as we shepherd our wonderful companion animals, can ensure their legacy by trusting in ours. Through planned giving, we guarantee a future of P.E.T.S. and that our local dogs and cats always has a nonprofit that works to fulfill their needs regardless of what the future holds.

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