Ways To Pay

To keep our prices low and make helping more pets possible, payment is due at the time of services. However, we know with some services that is not always possible. PETS Clinic accepts all credit cards, debit cards, cash, and we offer three 3rd party monthly payment plans along with the ability to fundraise on FB for sick, injured, or hospitalized pets.

Care Credit

CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, your family, and even your pets! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again* to help manage health, wellness and beauty costs not covered by insurance. 


Scratchpay offers flexible payment plans with no hidden fees or prepayment penalties. Pet owners can choose a payment plan that works best for their budget and pay off their balance over time. In addition to providing financing for veterinary care, Scratchpay also offers pet insurance plans.


Good credit or no credit, Varidi provides customers with payment plans right fit for their budget. This can be applied for within the clinic before a procedure or expense is incurred.

We are proud to routinely maintain grant funding to offset or greatly discount the cost of spay/neuter for owned pets and feral/free-roaming cats. 

Other Resources for Potential Financial Assistance

Local Assistance Options

Pet Help Finderpethelpfinder.org

Search by area for financially friendly veterinary services, spay/neuter and feral/community cat assistance, pet food pantry, boarding, transportation, grants, subsidies, vouchers, behavior support, grooming, outdoor dog support, end of life care. National and crowdfunding resources are also available.

National Assistance Options

Waggle Crowdfundingwww.waggle.org

Submit your pet’s profile, vet information, and treatment plan and begin raising money through crowdfunding to help with the cost. Grant funds may also be available.


Free Animal Doctor Crowdfundinghttps://freeanimaldoctor.org/, call 626-325-6296, email info@freeanimaldoctor.org Direct payment to the veterinarian or medical service provider.


IHeartDogs.com— www.iheartdogs.com National crowdfunding resource.


Brown Dog Foundationwww.browndogfoundation.org , email browndog@browndogfoundation.org 

Offers pet owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet faces a treatable but life-threatening condition or illness. Visit website to complete an “apply for assistance” survey. Approval is required before treatment, and is only given if Brown Dog Foundation can bridge the gap between what you can afford and the amount needed for treatment.


The Mosby Foundationwww.themosbyfoundation.org – 540-885-2260      

Helps with medical expenses for sick, abused, and neglected dogs and others  whose owners have limited means. Priority is funding life-saving emergencies. Require  all dogs helped to be spayed/neutered prior to receiving financial assistance. To apply, email info@themosbyfoundation.org. Does not cover diagnostics, general care, dental cleaning, and not  for treatment already administered.


The Pet Fundwww.thepetfund.com—916-443-6007 , email info@thepetfund.com 

Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in need of veterinary assistance. They are not able to fund emergencies. Applicants are required to contact The Pet Fund by email before applying. Coverage may be available by application for “non-basic, non-urgent” medical needs such as cancer treatment, heart disease, chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, eye diseases, etc.


Frankie’s Friendswww.frankiesfriends.com, 888-465-PETS , email giving@frankiesfriends.com     

Financial assistance grants for pets with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Before applying, you must have a clear diagnosis and an estimate of the cost of care from a veterinarian. The pet must have a good prognosis as determined by a veterinary professional to be eligible for assistance.  


Paws 4 A Curehttp://www.paws4acure.org/  

Offers financial assistance to those who cannot afford veterinary care for dogs and cats only, irrespective of breed, age, weight or diagnosis. They cannot assist with charges incurred prior to approval of online application and receipt by veterinarian of Acceptance Letter.


RedRoverwww.redrover.org—916-429-2457 , email info@redrover.org   

The RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant program helps animals with a life-threatening injury or illness that requires urgent and specific treatment. Typical grant is around $250, and intended to fill a small gap in funding that is keeping an animal from care. Once submitted, expect  a response by email or phone within 1–2 business days. Check email for confirmation your application was received. 


Pets of the Homelesswww.petsofthehomeless.org—775-841-7463   

Provides assistance for pets of people experiencing homelessness. They help with food and veterinary care for pets with an injury or illness. Email assist2@petsofthehomeless.org


Hunter Foundation Ltd.—hunterfoundationltd.org—Support for animals in need of medical care.

Email  HunterFoundationLTD@gmail.com 


Fur-Ever Friends/Rico Fundwww.fureverfriendsnc.org/rico-fund—Accepts applications for financial assistance for pets and strays with severe illness and injuries can be submitted via email or their Facebook page.   Email: ffnc.info@gmail.com  


KodiakCarehttps://www.kodiakcare.org/—raises money for pets that are in critical need for medical care but from families without the financial means to care for them.  


The Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Program (ASAP) chips in up to $500 for financially distressed pet parents in need of help with expenses directly related to amputation and/or a limb cancer diagnosis for their dog or cat.  Clients must “join” for free at https://tripawds.com/start. Follow application process at https://tripawds.org/2016/12/tripawds-asap/. Applicants must apply within 60 days of surgery, only one $500 award is granted per month, and applications are only taken the 1st—15th of the month. First consultation at a certified rehab therapist reimbursed with no income qualification.


Canine Cancer Awarenesswww.caninecancerawareness.org Call 206-305-4549

Canine Cancer Awareness provides financial help to dog owners whose beloved pets have cancer. Visit their website to apply for assistance.


The Magic Bullet Fund (MBF)www.themagicbulletfund.org 

Financial assistance for canine cancer treatment. Families contribute a portion of the treatment fees and MBF contributes the amount the family cannot pay. Once a dog is accepted, MBF needs time to raise funds. If your dog’s treatment is scheduled in the next few days and cannot be delayed, they will not be able to raise funds in time. Visit their website to apply for assistance. 


One Love Petswww.onelovepets.com Nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of disease caused by parasites such as heartworm disease, lyme disease, mange, etc.  Sponsorships awarded for treatment of disease, OR in cases of severe hardship preventative sponsorships are available.  Owners can apply at www.onelovepets.com. Funds distributed based on estimate provided by the veterinary office.

Other Diseases

The Handicapped Pets Foundationhttps://www.hpets.org/—Dedicated to the health and well-being of elderly, disabled, and injured pets; donates new or reconditioned wheelchairs to pets in need.


Diabetic Cats in Needhttp://dcin.dreamhosters.com/—Assistance with vet care and supplies for cats diagnosed with diabetes. Short-term assistance program provides a glucose testing kit and a few months’ supply of insulin for individuals who do not qualify as low income. *This program is being revamped: check website for updates.

Breed Specific

Corgi Aidhttp://www.corgiaid.org Specifically for Corgis recently pulled from a shelter or rescue and have pre-existing conditions. Assistance with medical care and carts for Corgis with mobility issues.


Doberman: http://www.doberman911.org/ Does not provide financial assistance to families, only to Doberman rescue groups.


Great Pyrenees: http://www.angelfire.com/bc2/pyramedic/summary.html Financial assistance to families and rescue groups with Great Pyrenees for unforeseen illnesses or emergencies, accepted on a case-by-case basis. Read the website for guidelines.


Pit Bulls: http://pbrc.net Grants for sterilization of Pit Bulls only. Applications must be approved prior to surgery.


WestieMed, Inc (for rescued Westies)—www.westiemed.org

Financial assistance for Westies only, that are in need of medical attention due to illness or injury. Dogs must be in foster care or adopted within 6 months of applying for assistance.

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