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Spay and Neuter

"Nothing gives me quite so much joy as when people tell me they’ve had their pets spayed or neutered." - Bob Barker

We have worked for over 15 years in Wichita Falls to offer high quality low cost spays and neuters in order to “Prevent Euthanasia Through Sterilization”. Our vets are incredible, pain medication is included in the cost, and our mission continues. Spaying and Neutering your pet can prevent multiple health complications as pets age and improve behavior related to mating instincts. 

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Appointments are required for Surgeries.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

The great news is multiple solutions exist that will help to keep your pet from getting sick in the first place. We have amazing vets and techs who cannot wait to knock your socks off with their exam skills, and they will be ecstatic to talk with you about the vaccinations and tests that make the most sense for you and your pet’s lifestyle. Let’s work work together to catch issues before they become a problem.

To comply with State Law, PETS requires your pet be seen by a veterinarian at least every 2 years to maintain the ability to prescribe prescription medications which include preventative medicines like Heartworm and Flea and Tick prevention. This means, if your pet has not had a dental, surgery, or a formal vet exam in the past two years, you will need to bring them with you for refills of medication the first time you come in and every 2 years after. Wellness exams are currently complimentary. We appreciate your understanding and greatly appreciate your continued support and business!


Triheart (Oral)
Heartgard (Oral)
NexGard Plus


Bravecto (Oral)
Nexgard (Oral)
NexGard Plus (Oral)


Bravecto (Topical)
Nexgard Combo
Virbac Senergy (Topical)


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." -Martin Buber

If only our patients could talk and tell us what is wrong! Unfortunately, we may be a long way off from that technical reality. Until then, our facility offers the latest in technical wonders to diagnose issues for our loving pets. From digital X-rays to ultrasounds, from a full laboratory to caring vets and techs willing to listen, our diagnostic abilities allow us to work to find the answers you and your pets deserve.

Serving sick and injured pets by appointment. This process usually begins with a vet exam.


"Keeping animals happy and healthy is a special privilege for vets, vet techs, and their entire team." -Josh Hestermann

You would be hard pressed to find a team of vets, techs, staff, and volunteers more invested in the care of your pet. Our protocol is never determined by price or cutting corners, we are only interested in the safest anesthetics, personal human monitoring of each pet in recovery, and we have the most caring and skilled vets and techs in sterile operating environments. Your babies are in great hands. 

Surgeries are sometimes required to treat sick and injured dogs. Usually a vet exam is required to determine if a surgery is needed and an appointment is required for diagnostic vet exams.


"Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is." - Unknown

Nothing feels quite like a freshly brushed and cleaned mouth. Most of us brush twice daily and visit our dentist for a cleaning about every six months. But what about our pets? If your pets haven’t had a dental and you haven’t flipped up the hood and taken a look, we wouldn’t suggest it. Bring them in and let’s make sure they stay healthy and happy in mind, body, soul, and mouth!

We now offer dentals. Usually, this process starts with a vet exam, unless a dental has recently been suggested/prescribed by another veterinary clinic.

In Home Euthanasia

Make you and your pet’s final moments together more comfortable.

We are so very sorry you have to think about saying goodbye to your beloved pet. If there were any words of comfort to ease the pain of losing a pet, we would share them but have found nothing that helps in this moment. Instead, PETS Clinic is honored to offer In Home Euthanasia to make you and your pet’s final moments together more comfortable.


"There’s no technology in telemedicine, or very little, from my point of view, because there’s no new data. It’s the same doctors making the same subjective judgement. Instead of you sitting in their office, they’re doing it remotely." - Vinod Khosla

Our televet services can give you peace of mind by bringing our veterinarians straight to your home by video or pictures. For less money than an office visit at most clinics (we never charge an office visit fee) our vets can let you know if your animal needs to come in, make recommendations based on your pet’s condition, and even prescribe medicine. Televet appointments are not for injured animals or severe illness, most often they are best for skin irritations (ie hot spots), possible allergies, ear infections, or behavioral issues.

Our vets can can see your pet by phone (pictures or videos)! Wondering if your dog or cat needs veterinary attention? Let our vets take a look!

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