In Home Euthanasia with PETS Clinic

We are so very sorry you have to think about saying goodbye to your beloved pet. If there were any words of comfort to ease the pain of losing a pet, we would share them but have found nothing that helps in this moment. Instead, PETS Clinic is honored to offer In Home Euthanasia to make you and your pet’s final moments together more comfortable.


Pets must be at the end of their life or have a formal diagnosis with veterinarian records (from any vet clinic) of a terminal illness or advanced age. We will not offer in-home euthanasia for healthy pets as a convenience or for pets with behavioral issues. In Home Euthanasia is not an emergency service for pets that are suffering or injured.

Pets must not have any aggression issues or a history of biting.

An adult must be present at the time of your appointment.


$250: In Home Euthanasia for residents living 1-30 miles from PETS Clinic.

$100 additional fee: Pet owners living 31-60 miles from PETS Clinic

$100 additional fee: In-Home Euthanasia scheduled after 5pm or during the weekend.

All fees will be paid at the time of scheduling.

Cremation services are available for an extra charge.

What to Expect with In Home Euthanasia Appointments

You will be given an arrival window of 30 minutes for your in home euthanasia appointment. Our veterinarian will have a single document for you to sign. We will have one hour reserved for you. When you are ready, your pet will be sedated. Sedation can take up to 10 minutes to take effect. You can be alone with your pet during this time. When you are ready, our veterinarian will euthanize your pet while they are sedated. Feel free to have your pet’s favorite blanket ready or prepare a space outdoors that was special to your pet. Our veterinarian does require good lighting but otherwise, we want this experience to be as comfortable for you and your pet as possible.

If you have chosen cremation services or PETS Remains Service, our veterinarian will give you time to be alone with your pet and then take your pet with them. Please keep any personal items belonging to your pet. For cremation, we work directly with Wichita Valley Pet Cremation, a wonderful local company. Your pet’s remains will be returned to our clinic in a few days for you to pick up. If you chose PETS Remains Service, we will take your pet back to our clinic and keep them safe for Animal Services to pick up. 

If you are choosing to handle your pets remains yourself, our veterinarian will leave you alone with your pet after the euthanasia.

Cremation Services

Cremation must be paid for at the time of scheduling. It cannot be added during your appointment, but you may work directly with Wichita Valley for an additional fee to pick up your pet.

Adored: Cherished Package + Clay Paw Print

Cherished: Individual Cremation, Cedar Urn or Scatter Bag, Fur Clipping, Certificate of Cremation, Grievance Package

Devoted: Faithful Service + Clay Paw Print & Fur Clipping

Faithful: Communal Cremation (no remains returned)






1-20 lbs



21-40 lbs



41-80 lbs



81-150 lbs



151-300 lbs





0-25 lbs



26-50 lbs



51-75 lbs



75-300 lbs



Additional pawprints are available for $50/each

PETS Remains Service $50: We will take your pet back to our clinic for pick up through Animal Services.

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