Giving Tuesday Wichita Falls
giving tuesday in wichita falls


The spirit of giving is the reason for the season.

The holiday season seems to come sooner every single year, but the real shopping season always hits the day after Thanksgiving! Some dread and some wait in anticipation for it – #BlackFriday. Then it’s on to an up and comer, #LocalSaturday, a day encouraging gift givers to check our their local shops. Now, with online shopping becoming more and more popular, it’s right on to #CyberMonday. You know that  wonderful feeling picking out gifts and getting excited for your loved ones to open them? You can find that feeling early with #GivingTuesday! It’s the Tuesday after Black Friday every year and this year your gifts can mean a lot to local pet owners and their pets.

Facebook and Paypal are matching all donations to P.E.T.S. on Nov. 27th. Click below to donate through our Facebook page!

What is #GivingTuesday?

The next #GivingTuesday will be November 27th, 2018! It’s one day during the holidays every year to give to the nonprofits that work for the causes you care about the most. You can find more about how much is raised and everyone participating locally at the official Giving Tuesday website.

Nonprofit organizations around the world participate in #GivingTuesday, P.E.T.S. is in really good company on this day. To be honest, we’re simply excited to be involved. There are many ways you can participate. You can donate directly on our website here, or check out our Facebook where you can donate right at the top of the page and funds up to 7 million are being matched for all nonprofits collecting gifts through Facebook only on November 27th!

Why One Day to Give?

Donations are important for the P.E.T.S. Clinic year round!

Another great way to give P.E.T.S. a gift on #GivingTuesday, if you prefer using our website donation page, is by setting up a recurring donation. This means your donation would be deducted monthly and that we can depend on it coming in month in and month out for our budgeting.  If you haven’t set one up before, it’s as simple as dropping down the arrow under “donation frequency” and changing “one-time” to “monthly.”

Of course, whether it’s a special day of giving, or just a normal day, we appreciate any and all donations year round. Our donors are working hard everyday to be the heroes behind the programs and services that lower overpopulation and prevent euthanasia by keeping dogs in loving homes. We hope you’ll consider joining the team!

How much Can I Donate? Can I Deduct Donations from My Taxes?

There is no minimum donation. There is no maximum to how much you can give. There is no processing fee if you donate on Facebook. There is one through our website donations which you can elect to include in your donation, outside of this, 100% of all donations go straight to the organization to which you are donating.

As for tax deductions? All donations made to P.E.T.S. are 100% tax deductible if you meet the guidelines set forth by the IRS. Donations made to us for Giving Tuesday are no different, they are also 100% tax deductible as long as your yearly donations meet the requirements determined by the IRS.

Also, please keep in mind, there are no requirements to donate. You do not have to be a current resident of the area or the country! All are free to give to the nonprofit of their choice during Giving Tuesday.

How Can I Participate in Giving Tuesday?

You’re awesome! To give to any of the participating nonprofits, just go to our Facebook page or website donation page. You can also find more information about P.E.T.S. and see what we’re up to on Facebook, as a matter of fact, you can simply hit the “donate” button on our Facebook page if you’d rather give there.

To Give to our P.E.T.S. Wichita Falls nonprofit organization, simply click on the button below!

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