The nonprofit programs at P.E.T.S. are designed specifically to meet our mission goals. Every program we have is working alongside clinic services to reduce euthanasia, reduce shelter intake, and to find and keep dogs and cats in loving homes. 

How does it work? We believe everyone should have a pet. The value pets bring to our lives cannot be calculated. If everyone can have a pet and everyone has access to low price, high quality services, that is more pets in more homes and not in shelters. Fewer pets in shelters creates more space and less euthanasia.

Unfortunately, many of us fall on hard times. It can happen to anyone. Our programs work to make sure that a pet owner facing hard times does not have to give up their pets. Instead, they have our nonprofit to turn to for supplementary food, for dog and cat shelters, for transportation to and from the clinic for their pet, for a fence because of damage or a forced move, and all the resources offered by our programs.

This is how our programs work together with our clinic services to reduce euthanasia and shelter intake. 


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