What can dogs eat on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tips for Pets

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Thank You from P.E.T.S.

We just want to take a moment to thank each and every client, donor, staff, and volunteer. There’s always more work to be done, but this year everyone has come together and worked hard to save and improve the lives of dog and cats in our area. Whether you are utilizing our services or helping us provide them, every moment spent caring about the future of dogs and cats locally makes everything we do worthwhile and serves the P.E.T.S. organization’s mission:

Provide high-quality, low-cost spays and neuters, preventative services, and community-focused programs in a kind, nonjudgmental environment to ensure every pet has access to and can remain in a responsible, loving home.

This year we give thanks for you. You are the heroes area dogs and cats need.

Thanksgiving Tips for Pets on Thanksgiving

Now, with the thank you’s aside, it’s time to eat some Thanksgiving dinner! When you sit down to eat, remember these Thanksgiving tips for pets!

•Do not feed your pets any undercook meats, such as ham or turkey skin. Onion rubs and many other types of seasoning can be harmful to their health so refrain from feeding them any.

•Do not feed your pets cranberry sauce or any type of sauces made from berries. They are fine to eat uncooked but mixed with any other ingredients such as nuts and raisins, they can be harmful to your pet.

•Do not feed your pets any stuffing or gravy. Most ingredients in gravy, such as onions, sage, and mushrooms, can be harmful to their bodies. Refrain from feeding them any types of gravies and stuffings. Saying no is way easier and always the best choice.

• Do not feed your pets any types of turkey bones. While they have been cooking and absorbing different ingredients, they can also splinter in their stomach causing puncture wounds to their intestines tract and stomach.

•Do not feed your pets any types of fruit salads or bread. Grapes are toxic to their health as are other nuts. If bread is not completely cooked, the dough can seriously harm your pets because of the raw egg it contains. Raw eggs carry salmonella which can be fatal.

•Do not feed your pet any type of side dish. Green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and many other side dishes can be harmful to their health. Most of these side dishes contain onion and mushrooms. These ingredients can cause vomiting and upset stomachs to your pets.

•Finally, do not feed your pets any types of pies. While most desserts contain cinnamon and nuts, these ingredients can be very toxic to your pet. Most can cause liver damage and that’s a big “No No” for your them.

Thanksgiving is a family tradition for everyone to enjoy, including your pets. You can always feed them raw carrots, raw broccoli, and uncooked pumpkin. Make sure they have future Thanksgiving dinners by making sure they are safe and healthy! Happy Thanksgiving from the PETS family!


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