Flea and Tick Medication for prevention is available at P.E.T.S. for the lowest prices in town.

Fleas and Ticks can be a lot more than itch causing pests. Both flea and tick parasites feed on the blood of dogs and cats. This can cause allergic reactions, the spread of disease, and our companion animals can play hosts to breeding grounds. Fleas can live up to 12 months and produce millions of offspring. Ticks carry diseases like Lyme Disease in dogs and Cytauxzoonosis in cats. The best defense from fleas and ticks is a great offense.

Flea and tick medication that prevents these parasites comes in many forms. We have topical solutions and monthly pills. Preventative medication is safe for your animal and stops fleas and ticks by killing them and preventing the pests from spreading.

Flea and Tick Medication is available for walk-ins during clinic hours. Please find required forms below.

Flea and Tick Medication for Dogs

Flea Medication for Cats


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