Nail Trims

Nail Trims for Dogs and Cats are Free!

P.E.T.S. Clinic offers nail trims free with services or $10 without! 

Both dogs and cats need nail trims. For dogs, it prevents nails from overgrowing and curling under. This makes walking much more comfortable and prevents any pain for your best friend. For cats, nail trims help prevent sharp tips. This can save your favorite items from more intense shredding damage, but more importantly it lessens the chance that your cat’s claw will get caught on carpet or other material which may cause tearing or loss of a claw.

P.E.T.S. never recommends declawing a cat, click here to learn why from the ASPCA.

 Nail trims can also be included if you are purchasing any other services through the preventative care or surgery appointment types. Please check your local clinic for availability.

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