Chain Off

We help pet owners get their dogs off chains by providing fence assistance in the form of supplies and labor. Scroll down the page for why no dog should be on chains or tethered ever.

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Why Break the Chains?

  1. Chaining and/or tethering is considered inhumane by every reputable dog organization.

  2. Dogs thrive on social interaction. A chained dog suffers intense psychological damage. Chained dogs can become neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and aggressive.

  3. Dogs’ necks can become raw and covered with sores. Dogs have been found with collars embedded in their necks.

  4. Chained dogs feel forced to fight. They cannot choose between fight or flight behavior. They naturally protect their territory.

  5. Chained dogs are three times more likely to bite. Numerous attacks from chained dogs are on record. Unfortunately, the victims are often children unaware of the dog’s presence.

  6. Chained dogs are easy victims for other animals and insensitive humans. They are easily stolen by dog thieves. Finally, they can easily be strangled if their chain is entangled.

  7. Chained dogs are easily ignored because they are “out of the way.” They can be aggressive and difficult to approach. They cannot seek shelter from extreme heat or cold.

  8. Chained dogs are forced to eat, sleep, and defecate in the same confined area. Usually, the dog’s limited area quickly becomes a run of mud or dirt due to pacing.

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