P.E.T.S. has teamed up with the gracious Dairy Farmers in Windthorst to create a steady supply of high-quality, durable large dog shelters.  We use their empty barrels to create shelters for under $3.00 each. Our handy Chain-Off crew cleans them up, cuts an entrance, drills a hole in the back for drainage, stabilizes them with a wood anchor, and stuffs them with straw. Voilà – we have an awesome and inexpensive stream of shelters to give away. 

Habitat is not just for the hounds anymore either. We collect Styrofoam containers and convert them to shelters for feral/free-roaming cats. If you have barrels or Styrofoam containers, please let us know. We will come pick them up and turn your trash into a life-saving treasure for pets in need.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy and much-needed cause, please visit our donation page and note with your donation that you would like it to go towards Habitat.  If you know someone whose pet needs shelter, please tell them about us. Shelters are always free. 

As you know, Texas temperatures are extreme and many pets lose their lives each year due to the sweltering heat or bitter cold. Providing outdoor pets with shelter will protect them from a miserable death due to exposure. We appreciate your support of our Hounds Habitat Project. Together we are making a difference!

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