Vet Assistance

Meadows Foundation

P.E.T.S. is super excited to announce the launch of our Veterinary Assistance Program thanks to a grant awarded by the Banfield Foundation. The Banfield Foundation believes that ALL pets deserve the chance to stay with the people that love them and we couldn’t agree more. Sadly, many pets are relinquished because of resolvable medical needs their owners can not afford to address. The Banfield Foundation wants to help. Thanks to funding from the Banfield Foundation, PETS will be able to provide vet assistance with minor vet related issues and refer to a full-service vet clinic for needs beyond the scope of our clinic. Hooray for PETS and this new opportunity to serve our community in bigger, better ways. A special thanks to the Banfield Foundation for believing in our mission and protecting the very special human-animal bond through this program.

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